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The Seeker does not Confess

Let us extol, love and protect Beelzenef, who has graced us with yaoi and emo

24 October 1987
I'm here :3
a friend said that this place was good and since I'm into visual kei I decided to join :D
I guess I haf a lot yet to learn but I'm sure rirry-senpai will teach me, rite karst?
anyways summer started and I got a summer job XD
since I begin shifts @ noon I can get up late AND still haf time to check out stuff on the net (which I plan to do everyday)
to wrap this up I wanna tell that my cat is named Ichan the Terrible Cat of Doom and that if my typping is screwy it's beacuse he's sitting on my lap scratching my legs (hey, it hurts!)
I'm also into science (my username was gonna b atomic-mass-of-nitrogen-divided-by-pi-squared-times-a-hundred-is-my-fav-number but it was a pain to write) and I LUV manga (kanda is my husband, steal him and DIE)

EDITED SINCE SUMMER OF 2006: ah, how things have changed since then *far off gaze* Icchan is no longer with me TT_TT and I'm still married to Kanda (wont give up that for a LONG time) BUT I'm also married to my prettiest wife Jennifer, whose account is crystaliceangle or something like that :p